Smart Growth America Measuring Sprawl 2014 Study

This is the report which shows how Clayton County stacks up against other metropolitan counties in terms of connectivity and urban sprawl.

Proposed Clayton County 2015 SPLOST Project List

The proposed list of SPLOST projects for Clayton County and its seven cities

Jonesboro's proposed 2014 budget

This is the proposed 2014 budget for the City of Jonesboro.

Lee Street Park survey results

These are the two-page results of a Lee Street Park survey conducted by the City of Jonesboro

Lee Street Park land survey

This is the new land survey of Lee Street Park in Jonesboro. Its new borders are highlighted in yellow.

Anonymous letter about Lockhart

Anonymous letter left at Forest Park City Hall.

Clayton County's Proposed FY2014 Budget

This is the proposed budget Clayton County commissioners will vote on June 11, 2013.

Wade Starr's housing authority contract

This is the three-year employment contract awarded to Wade Starr to be the Housing Authority of Clayton County's executive director.

Michael McLaughlin's resignation letter

Click here to read Michael McLaughlin's resignation letter.

Sen. Gail Davenport's letter to Mayor Joy Day

Sen. Gail Davenport (D-Jonesboro) sent this letter to Jonesboro Mayor Joy Day on March 28, to explain her reasons for not supporting a bill that would let city residents vote on lowering their homestead exemption.

2013 NCAA men's basketball tournament bracket

The bracket for the 2013 NCAA men's basketball tournament.

Jeff Turner Complaint/Investigation Detail

This is the Complaint/Investigation Detail report on JEff Turner that was released by the Secretary of State's office on Feb. 19.

Morrow City Council's Nov. 6 letter to Mayor J.B. Burke

This is the letter the Morrow City Council sent to Mayor Joseph "J.B." Burke to announce sanctions it decided to take against him this week.

SACS letter to Clayton Schools — Sept. 24

This is the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools' letter to Clayton County Public Schools, outlining concerns over the district's governance.

2012 Oscar Ballot

The nominees for the 2012 Oscars

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