News for Friday, April 11, 2003


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Felton takes over at Georgia

By Keith Parsons

April 10

Fred Quinton Knox

State budget lean on local appropriations

By Justin Reedy

April 7, 2003

Ruth A. (Snookie) Neill

April 8

Matthew Barron

Time short for board vacancy bill

By Justin Reedy

Bill shows detailed list of fees charged by Sexton

This is the text of the detailed bill issued to the Clayton County Board of Education by Lee Sexton for his involvement in the ousting of former Superintendent Dan Colwell.

Police organization diverts to Morrow

By Justin Reedy

The Masters should just be about golf

I am not a serious golfer. By definition, I couldn't even qualify as a hacker.

April 11

Marie Davis Coston

?Sa-damn' Yankees will never make Broadway - Bob Paslay

Why is it that decades after their deaths, people are still writing songs and books and plays about Eva Peron and Huey "Kingfish" Long? And why is it that I don't think the same thing is going to happen to Saddam Hussein?

Homers lead Braves to win over Phillies

The Associated Press