Police organization diverts to Morrow

By Justin Reedy

Uncertainty over the war in Iraq and the possibility of terrorist attacks at home and abroad have led to an international police organization diverting its spring board meeting from a Caribbean island to Atlanta's Southern Crescent.

The International Association of Women Police was slated to hold its board meeting this spring on the island of Trinidad off the coast of Venezuela.

But because of the war with Iraq, as well as the threat of terrorist attacks on Americans traveling abroad, the IAWP has cancelled its trip to Trinidad and will instead meet in Morrow this weekend.

Other factors, such as cancelled leave for law enforcement officers during the crisis, also played into the decision, according to Jo Ann Acree, director of the Morrow Emergency 911 Center and treasurer of the IAWP.

"We are all law enforcement officers in this organization, and some departments and agencies have cancelled travel for its officers completely (due to homeland security concerns)," Acree said. "There were also warnings issued about travel to that part of the world."

The board meetings will include about 40 representatives of the international organization, which has members in 52 countries throughout the world. Representatives from Canada, England and Australia are all expected, Acree said.

For more information about the organization, visit its Web site at www.iawp.org.