Kittle finishes first in Senoia feature

From Staff Reports

In the 50 lap Late Model feature, Warren Mobley established the fastest time in qualifying; he then rolled a six on the dice: placing him in the sixth starting position.

This placed Ron Johnson on the pole with Ronny Kittle joining him on the front row. When the green flag waved, Kittle jumped out to an early lead, followed by: Johnson, Marc Mitchell and Mike Hillman. A caution on the first lap because of spin in turn four changed the running order placing Hillman in the second position, and Johnson in the third place position. By lap 5, Kittle had began to pull away from the second place car. By lap 10, the running order was: Kittle, Hillman, Rusty Clanton and Mitchell.On lap 13, Clanton moved into the second place position behind a charging Kittle. By lap 25, Kittle had placed an impressive 1/2 lap lead over the other competitors. On lap 40, Ron Johnson and Jeff Gore made contact as they exited turn four and came to rest on the front straight-away. At this same time, Warren Mobley's machine experienced a fire in the engine compartment due to an oil line problem. The fire was quickly extinguished by track officials, and none of the drivers were injured in the incidents.When racing resumed, Kittle continued to show the way in commanding style, and took the checkered flag; followed by: Clanton, Mitchell, Hillman and Josh Noles.

Late Model 50 Lap Feature:1. Ronny Kittle 2. Rusty Clanton. 3. Marc Mitchell 4. Mike Hillman5. Josh Noles

In other results from Senioa:

Pro Challenge 20 Lap Feature:1. Terry Mathis 2.Rusty McLain 3. Kyle Kennedy 4 Ken Buther 5. Bobby Keys

Modified Mini Stock 20 Lap Feature: 1. Mike Chambers 2 . Dan Oxenford 3. Keith Adams 4. Sam Adams

Bandolaro 15 Lap Feature:1 . Jonathan Chandler 2 . Marci Bristol 3. Lyle Kitchens 4. Jody Pilkenton 5. Hunter Robbins

Legends YL / Semi Pro 20 Lap Feature:1 . Bubba Harry 2 Trent Mayo 3. Doc Lee 4. Jeff Arthur 5. Sean Davis

Legends Pro / Masters 25 Lap Feature 1. Andy James 2. Doug Ludwig 3. Bubba Pollard 4. Dwight Pilgram 5. Virgil Brown

Sportsman 20 Lap Feature: . 1. Rod Williford 2. Shane Upchurch 3. Larry Pierce 4 Paul Benefield

Modified Street Stock 10 Lap Feature: 1. Steve Woodward 2. Richard Blume