News for Saturday, April 26, 2003


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Byrom leaving ELHS

By Doug Gorman

Lust definitely isn't what it used to be - R.H. Joseph

Only the misguided sublimate their lust. Yet sadly, the same primordial urge that brings gourmets to the table and satyrs to their seraglios is absent from The Atlanta Shakespeare Company's production of Oscar Wilde's "Salom?."

Gustafson fires a 66 to lead field after day 1

By Doug Gorman

Weather halts prep baseball contests

By Jeffery Armstrong

Here comes the rain again: Storms delay first round

By Doug Gorman and Anthony Rhoads

Symphony, chorale season winds down this weekend

By Trina Trice

Sexson homers three times as Milwaukee pounds Braves

By Keith Parsons


April 26/27

Stockbridge couple to unite in Harley ceremony

By Clay Wilson

?God bless this country'

By April Avison

Travel industry rebounding as war ends

By Justin Reedy

Just pretend you're going as a chaperone - R.H. Joseph

Chock full of worthy actors, crammed with praiseworthy lessons for the young, and possessing a reasonably broad emotional range, "Holes" is a film for young people that deserves attention by their elders.

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