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Striking a pose in the nude to shed the past - Trina Trice

I don't know what it is about women using nudity as a way to rid themselves of the past, but I'm just as guilty of doing it.

The Dixie Chicks (boy, they've been getting a lot of press lately) are appearing in an issue of Entertainment Weekly with slogans painted on their bodies.

The phrases are intentionally contradictory: "opinionated," "traitors," "Saddam's Angels," "Dixie sluts" and "Proud Americans."

Their reason for doing the photo shoot was in response to the reaction the trio country music group received following comments made by lead singer Natalie Maines.

At a London concert, Maines told a concert audience that she was ashamed President George W. Bush was from Texas, as she is.

What the Dixie Chicks are doing is similar to what former teen pop singer Tiffany did when she chose to pose for Playboy, a "prestigious" nudie magazine. Once word got out that she had done so, many comedians and player-haters made fun of Tiffany, saying that she posed nude simply for the money.

It is common knowledge that Tiffany isn't the music sensation she was back in the late 1980s. She also suffered some money woes, losing any money she might have accrued during her success.

Prior to posing nude, Tiffany went public saying that she was trying to revive her music career, but was having a hard time shedding the teen pop image she had when she was a, well, teen-ager.

Tiffany thought posing nude for Playboy would show the world a different side of her ? the adult woman who makes her own decisions and isn't afraid of taking risks.

Instead of winning the public's respect, she just gained a new title: "Former teen-pop-princess-turned-desperate-skank."

But I understand what Tiffany and the Dixie Chicks were trying to do. They were trying to rise above the ashes that came from a fallout of negative public response.

Ever since I was 8 years old (when puberty started to set in), I developed a negative attitude toward my body. It wasn't until I went to college that I decided to face my fear and meet the hatred of my body head-on to destroy it.

How does one accomplish such a task? I posed nude for a drawing class at my college. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I stood naked before a room of complete strangers whose job it was to stare at me and at all of my body's imperfections.

I walked out of that room with a robe on, but also with my own self-respect and newfound self-love. My body may not be perfect, but I developed the cajones to be who I am and live in my skin without shame.

If you're a woman and you have similar demons to conquer, I highly recommend posing nude. And just remember, if you do it while you're still relatively young and the general public finds out about your endeavor, you can always say you were young and needed the money. It worked for Madonna and Vanessa Williams.

As for men posing nude, I don't recommend it. I suggest you guys keep your clothes on and go buy a new car or grow a beard.

A girl's got to have her own thing, you know?

Trina Trice is the education reporter for the News Daily. Comments should be sent to