Cleaning out stupidity clutter - Ed Brock

There's some serious stupidity clutter in the halls of public debate these days and it's about time to sweep it clean.

Let's start with this inane panic about homosexual marriages, or we can call them "unions" if that makes you more comfortable.

I can assure you that granting homosexuals access to the protections of married life will in no way signify the "end of society as we know it" as some would have you believe. It won't clear the way for all manner of perversion or, if it does, said perversions will continue to occur only in the bedrooms of those involved and that's none of your business.

How do I know this? I know this because I know homosexuals.

If any of the supposedly faithful would ever bother to just sit down and talk with a gay person they too would understand the stupidity of this uproar. Gays are not sex-crazed demons intent on molesting you or your children.

They're just people, people who are being demonstrably harmed by society's stigma against them. If we continue to dwell in this prudish, deluded state that does not recognize the equal status homosexuality has with heterosexuality then they will continue to suffer the inequities listed below.

They will in most cases not qualify for their partner's health benefits. They will not be able to claim immigration status if they are (oh horrifying concept) a foreign homosexual seeking to be with their loved one here. They'll have trouble claiming their inheritance from a dead partner. And they risk losing their children from marriages they were in before accepting their true nature.

I've known a gay parent, too, and a better mother you could not find. But if her former spouse was of a less understanding nature he would surely have had no problem taking their daughter from her.

This is where my particular disappointment with the Catholic Church comes in. Having been raised Catholic, although no longer active, I was very disturbed by the ridiculous, wrong-headed propaganda that was released by the Holy See last week.

Surely you can find children raised by homosexual couples who are maladjusted and angry with their parents for being gay. I could also find an equal or greater number of children who are mad at their heterosexual parents for any number of reasons.

Thus, the number of (speaking euphemistically) "messed-up" children produced by gay couples would be the same as those produced by straight couples, and so allowing homosexual unions would have no demonstrable effect on society. It would not affect straight people or straight couples.

It won't make my marriage to my wife any less special, nor will it have any effect on your marriages if you don't allow them to.

The Church would be more in keeping with the teachings of Christ (a man who hung around with known prostitutes and tax collectors) if they, like the Episcopalians, took a stand against the evil, perennial stigma against gays rather than perpetuating that stigma.

And now, a quick note on another stupid debate, the one regarding renaming Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport after late Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson.

Stop pushing the race button. To do so, particularly on this issue, just weakens attempts to address real racial issues. This is not one of them, period.

And name something else after the former mayor, something that isn't already dedicated to somebody. Perhaps the new international concourse or Centennial Park since Jackson apparently did so much to bring the Olympics to Atlanta.

It's that easy, people.

Ed Brock covers public safety and municipalities for the News Daily. He may be reached at (770) 478-5753 ext. 254 or via e-mail at ebrock@news-daily.com.