Cats adjusting to new kitty in house - Trina Trice

My cats are living proof that two's company, three's a crowd.

For more than three years it had only been Mischa and Pikachu (Pika for short) living in a small world known as my apartment.

When Mischa met Pika it wasn't love at first sight. There was the expected hissing and paw swatting, all coming from my big boy Mischa.

Pika was tiny and very young when he was introduced into the family. He was abandoned by his mother and siblings, and somehow managed to survive in an apartment complex where he was found by a former co-worker.

Mischa was a big ?un even when he was a kitten. He had a big, hard head, big fluffy paws, a stocky body, and the dumbest look you'd ever see on a kitten's face.

I fell in love instantly when I met Mischa. Taking Pika in was more of me fulfilling my obligation to the universe.

Needless to say, Pika who had been alone and fending for himself at only 10 weeks old, was excited about living in a nice, comfortable apartment. He could relish the fact that he had someone to fed him and clean up his poop. The other bonus was that another kitty cat was around.

Mischa, though, saw things differently. Although he had his mischievous, kitten moments, mostly Mischa liked to hang out and look cute. That was about it.

Pika, though, liked to jump up against the wall and slide down poles and stair railings. In short, he was a wild child. His constant store of energy seemed to work Mischa up into a hissing fit.

But then the unimaginable happened. The two found a way, albeit a strange way, to bond. Pika, having been pulled from his mother at an early age, was still fond of suckling on a teat. Mischa was, and still is, a husky kitty and loves to have his big ol' belly rubbed. You put two and two together.

I didn't appreciate their form of bonding, although my gay roommate at the time thought it was funny as the two cats are male. He was quite pleased with their pseudo-homosexual behavior.

Pika eventually grew out of that suckling phase, but it brought the two together and they've been good buddies ever since.

Enter the gray one – Sumoki.

Sumoki has only been in the family for about two or three months now. He's a small, smoky, gray kitty with gorgeous, meaningful-looking green eyes. He's the squishiest cat I've ever laid hands on.

He's dreamy.

I must admit I haven't quite figured out Sumoki's personality. So far he appears to be a hog for affection and attention, but he executes his emotional hording in such an innocent way.

Sumoki talks too much and he's always in your face, or at least that's how Mischa and Pika see it.

Pika took a liking to Sumoki first probably because they are about the same size, which makes wrestling fun and practical.

Taking on big butt Mischa must have been a chore for poor Pika.

To this day Mischa tolerates Sumoki, nothing more and nothing less.

When Mischa and Pika cuddle up on the couch or the floor, they disperse when Sumoki tries to join them.

I keep hoping that in time they'll all develop a bond that will make them truly like each other.

I guess their only bond right now is me, which isn't too shabby.

Trina Trice is the education reporter for the News Daily. Comments can be sent to ttrice@news-daily.com.