Men arrested for fighting

By Ed Brock

A 911 hang up call led a Clayton County police officer to a gas station where two men were fighting in the parking lot.

Clinton Garfield Garrett, 46, of Riverdale, and another man whose name was not available were charged with affray and disorderly conduct in connection with the incident, according to Clayton County police Officer William Ibarrondo.

Ibarrondo went to the Fuel Mart gas station on Tara Boulevard around 12:10 a.m. Wednesday and saw the two men hitting each other and using profanity toward each other.

The officer handcuffed both men and told them to sit on the curb. The other man complied but Garrett did not, and after Garrett refused a second command to sit Ibarrondo put a hand on Garrett's right shoulder and "guided him down to the curb."

Garrett called Ibarrondo an obscene name.

Woman says spurned man

littering her yard

A 56-year-old Riverdale woman told police a man started littering her yard after she turned him down for a date.

The victim told Clayton County police Officer William Ibarrondo that she could not prove the man was throwing trash on her yard before but around 10 p.m. Monday she saw him drive by her house and throw four bottles on the lawn. She told the officer that previously the man had asked her out but she refused because he was too young for her. His age was not listed.

Shortly after that, garbage began appearing on her yard.

Ibarrondo tried to contact the man but he was not home.

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