News for Wednesday, August 20, 2003


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Relax, the movie is fine - Trina Trice

Just who does Mel Gibson think he is, anyway?

I know what a prince ought to be - Justin Reedy

Nicolo Machiavelli, an expert in public policy and governing, was well aware of how dangerous it can be for leaders to surround themselves with yes men.

?One Day's Pay' to be observed Sept. 11 - April Avison

I caught a brief segment on the Today show last week that captured my attention. People around the country are joining together to do something special on Sept. 11 of this year in honor of the terrorist attack victims who died on that day two years ago.

Attack my faithful Bunny-men! - Ed Brock

They came at us in wave after wave, leaping 10, 15 feet into the air, their noses quivering with bloodlust.

Clones may face ?rabbit' opposition - Clay Wilson

Have people learned nothing from science fiction movies?

New tennis center opens

By Trina Trice

Are the Falcons cursed?

By Anthony Rhoads

Jonesboro rolls to easy win in high school softball action

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The reason rank has its privileges - R.H. Joseph

When did "elitist" become a pejorative, and why?

Employee campaign policy still undecided

By Ed Brock

HMO partnership ends

By Ed Brock

Bass Pro Shops, MBNA to sponsor fall race

From Staff Reports

Morrow opens area matches with sweep

By Doug Gorman

Commission grants Newco rezoning

By Ed Brock

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Fathers sue over enrollment policy

By Trina Trice

Too much boob, not enough tube on TV - Bob Paslay

I keep looking for signs that I am becoming an old codger.

Drug ads may be hazardous to your health care - Diane Wagner

Could you use a little blue pill?


August 21, 2003

A summer spent perfecting writing - Ryan Whelchel

I have completed my stay here at the Clayton News Daily, and it is time to give thanks where thanks are due, and to share my future plans.