Relax, the movie is fine - Trina Trice

Just who does Mel Gibson think he is, anyway?

Gibson, one of those actors turned epic-film director, is currently showing his movie "The Passion" around to test audiences.

The $25 million film, financed, directed and co-written by Gibson, stars "Angel Eyes" actor Jim Caviezel as Jesus and Monica Bellucci as Mary Magdalene.

The movie is about the last 12 hours in the life of Jesus.

Apparently the scenes in which Jesus is tortured on a crucifix are brutal and bloodier than previous films that have depicted the same story.

Despite the gore, some who have seen the flick believe it will breed anti-Semitism.

"Sadly, the film contains many of the dangerous teachings that Christians and Jews have worked for so many years to counter," said the Rabbi Eugene Korn of the Anti-Defamation League.

Others believe that the film is a moving portrayal of the death of one of the key figures of Western civilization.

I don't care who tells the story, it will always stir controversy. Why is that?

Let's just set some things straight, ok? When I'm done here, I'll hop a plane to the Middle East and get that mess over with, too.

Jesus was Jewish as were all of his disciples. The then present-day Jewish power structure didn't dig Jesus so much because he was anti-establishment, he was a rebel.

That ain't no thing, ok? It's common for an established hierarchy to disapprove of something or someone that will shake things up.

"Rock the Boat," was a hit song for a reason. People can relate to its message.

Now, things get a little loose in the story, but the way I see it is this: Jesus and Judas knew what had to happen to seal the deal.

Judas betrayed Jesus (with Jesus' consent or without, that's been debated), Jesus was sentenced to death via the crucifixion. I'm sure we'd all agree that's a terrible way to die, no matter your religious beliefs.

The Jews were bad to Jesus, but so were the Romans. Jews are no more evil or holy than the next group. Nor are all Muslim fanatics with a death wish.

However, I think a lot of Muslims who live in the Middle East need to take some serious medication.

I've got an idea for a new settlement in the Middle East. We can call it the Prozac Nation.

At the border check point people would be required to take Prozac and wash it down with water from a small paper cup. Terrorists would cross its borders to complete a suicide mission in town, but would change their minds and relax.

Speaking of relaxing, anyone who thinks Gibson's film will make people hate Jews should do just that – relax.

Films don't make people hate people, narrow minds and rigid religious views make people hate people.

Trina Trice is the education reporter for the News Daily. Comments should be sent to ttrice@news-daily.com.