News for Saturday, August 23, 2003


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Fourth rock from the sun

By Ed Brock

Union Grove softball wins pair

From staff reports

Clones may face ?rabbit' opposition - Clay Wilson

Have people learned nothing from science fiction movies?

Lovejoy looks sharp in scrimmage

By Jeffery Armstrong

Woodroe Junior McKeehan

Woodroe Junior McKeehan, age 73, of McDonough, passed away Thursday, Aug. 21, 2003.

Luella, Eagle's Landing show promise

By Doug Gorman

Fast-track road projects are slow, but steady so far

By Diane Wagner

Relax, the movie is fine - Trina Trice

Just who does Mel Gibson think he is, anyway?

Local girls are kicking the habit on football teams

By Anthony Rhoads

Rebecca Tilson

Rebecca Tilson, age 71, passed away Friday, Aug. 22, 2003.

Attack my faithful Bunny-men! - Ed Brock

They came at us in wave after wave, leaping 10, 15 feet into the air, their noses quivering with bloodlust.

The reason rank has its privileges - R.H. Joseph

When did "elitist" become a pejorative, and why?

Commandments spark local debate as well

By Trina Trice

Quitting less fun than smoking - Rob Felt

What kills me is that nervous, crawly feeling. It always starts with my arms itching and then I feel trapped and antsy. The cure? Just a couple of quick drags from a Marlboro Medium – my weapon of choice. That withdraw following your "last cigarette" a day later is its own disease. Research shows that smoking permanently changes your brain chemistry and basically makes you want to smoke for the rest of your life. I could've saved them some time and money on that study.

?One Day's Pay' to be observed Sept. 11 - April Avison

I caught a brief segment on the Today show last week that captured my attention. People around the country are joining together to do something special on Sept. 11 of this year in honor of the terrorist attack victims who died on that day two years ago.

Dog owner pleads guilty

By Ed Brock

?Sobig' computer worm lives up to name

By Clay Wilson

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Drug ads may be hazardous to your health care - Diane Wagner

Could you use a little blue pill?

I know what a prince ought to be - Justin Reedy

Nicolo Machiavelli, an expert in public policy and governing, was well aware of how dangerous it can be for leaders to surround themselves with yes men.

Flying through life with my phobias - By Bob Paslay

OK I admit it. I have every phobia in the world. One of those is flying, and on Saturday I climb aboard a Delta flight to New Orleans. The thing about phobias is that you sit in your safe office and reflect on how stupid they are. The mind laughs at them. The stomach dreads them and the rest of your body bleaches white at the thought of a phobia-producing event coming.