Another new county fire station opens

By Ed Brock

The Clayton County Fire Department is inviting the public to see the second of three new stations that are officially going into service this month.

Replacing a building that was constructed in 1957 by the now defunct city of Mountain View on Aviation Boulevard, the new Station No. 9 stands at 4320 Old Dixie Highway in Hapeville. The open house will be held from 3 to 6 p.m.

"These new facilities are environmentally safe, technologically advanced and state of the art. They are simply the finest fire stations in the state of Georgia, if not the entire nation," Clayton County Fire Chief Alex Cohilas said in a press release. "The citizens of Clayton County have much to be proud of. These fine facilities will house the best equipped and finest trained firefighter the State of Georgia has to offer."

There will be 18 firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians and paramedics will staff the station and serve the north end of the county. They will also provide backup for the city of Forest Park.

Station No. 4 on East Fayetteville Road opened earlier in August and Station No. 12 is scheduled to open soon on Mundy's Mill Road.