Greenleaf's antics keep team loose

By Jeffery Armstrong and Doug Gorman

Crazy is as crazy does: Morrow sophomore hitter Jordan Greenleaf acts silly and crazy, something she readily admits. She said she likes to act up and have fun. Even though she acts crazy most of the time, Greenleaf said there is a method to her madness.

"I know I may act crazy, but my craziness keeps the team loose," she said. "My actions usually get our team ready to play."

I like this game, too: Even though North Clayton hitter Jasmine Sykes lists basketball as her favorite sport, she does give her all in volleyball.

"Competition is competition, whether it's basketball or volleyball," she said. "I want to win, regardless of what sport I'm playing."

Sykes said playing volleyball is a great way to get in shape for basketball, noting that it's better than sitting at home and watching TV.

Practice makes perfect: Sykes made excellent serves in Thursday's matches against Mays and Morrow, something she's worked very hard on in practice.

"When it's time to work on serving in practice, I will serve the ball against the wall and aim at a particular spot," Sykes said. "In a game, I'll aim at the weakest player in the back row to hopefully get an ace."

Off to fast start: The Jonesboro Lady Cardinals are off to a fast start and appear to be one of the teams to beat in the Southern Crescent. Head coach Dan Mahalman's team is coming into this week's action fresh off victories against Forest Park and Mundy's Mill.

Still, the Jonesboro coach admits there is room for improvement.

"We are going to have to step it up and play better against some teams, especially in our area," he said.

Jonesboro begins its area competition today against Warner Robins and Morrow.

What's going on out there? Specators attending their first high school volleyball games this season might be a little bit confused at first.

The traditional method of scoring only when your team is serving has been eliminated.

Now, points can be scored on every point with teams playing to 25.

The "rally scoring" method has been greeted with mixed reviews.

"It's great for the fans, it's a much faster game," said Morrow volleyball coach Yolonda Jenkins. "It certainly speeds up the game."

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