Woman attacked on way to local store

By Ed Brock

A woman told police that a strange man forced her into his car at gunpoint as she was on her way to buy diapers for her baby and then sexually assaulted her in an empty house he said he was going to buy.

The woman was walking through the apartment complex where she lives on Dixon Road around 5:30 p.m. last Wednesday when she saw the man drive into the complex in 1990s-model two-door black Nissan Maxima, according to a Clayton County police report. The man then pulled up behind her, pointed a gun at her and told her to get into the car.

He drove her to a house on Wynfield Drive.

On the way into the house, which was unoccupied and for sale, the man said he was going to buy the house.

The man then took the woman to an upstairs bedroom and raped her. Afterward he used a piece of tissue to clean himself and left the tissue in the room where police found it later. They also found another piece of tissue in a bush outside the front door and an open rear window with the screen off.

After the assault the man dropped the woman off near Kroger grocery store where she went inside and bought the diapers she needed before going home. Before leaving her, she said the man had threatened to kill her if she told anybody.

Once home she started crying and told her sister what had happened. A rape kit performed on the woman did show evidence of a possible assault.

The man is described as a light skinned black male about 20 years old, standing 5-feet 8-inches with short, curly hair and a mustache. His car was very messy inside with extra devices common to a Nopi car.

Man hit

for no reason

A Snellville man told police that somebody driving a Chevy Suburban intentionally rammed his car for no reason.

The incident happened around 4:40 a.m. Friday in the southbound lanes of Interstate 75 near Forest Parkway, according to police reports. The man in the Suburban drove away and turned onto Upper Riverdale Road. The tag number provided by the victim did not come back as belonging to a Chevy Suburban.

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