News for Friday, August 29, 2003


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Group sex is wrong, wrong, wrong - By Trina Trice

I've read that back in the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s, the sexual revolution reached an all-time low with the advent of swinging, or partner swapping.

The educated must regain control - R.H. Joseph

With the United States Open tennis tournament and the National Football League season upon us I can't help but reflect upon the notion of "the will to win."

School violence not always preventable - April Avison

The recent stabbing incident involving two teenagers at Dacula High School prompted the usual results: parents declaring their outrage, and news commentators hinting that if the schools only had metal detectors in place, this never would have happened.

My own football Sweet 16

By Doug Gorman

New kids on the block

By Anthony Rhoads

Volunteer charged with molestation

By Ed Brock

Police plan ?aggressive' patrols this weekend

By Ed Brock

Clones may face ?rabbit' opposition - Clay Wilson

Have people learned nothing from science fiction movies?

You're thinking about Pilgrims - Ed Brock

There's a tendency by many who support the likes of Judge Roy Moore to cite our nation's supposed foundation on Christian laws.

Quitting less fun than smoking - Rob Felt

What kills me is that nervous, crawly feeling. It always starts with my arms itching and then I feel trapped and antsy. The cure? Just a couple of quick drags from a Marlboro Medium n my weapon of choice. That withdraw following your "last cigarette" a day later is its own disease. Research shows that smoking permanently changes your brain chemistry and basically makes you want to smoke for the rest of your life. I could've saved them some time and money on that study.

Woman raped, man shot during Morrow break-in

By Ed Brock

Cat-ladyitis comes on little fog feet - Diane Wagner

I caught myself before I could say it at a party this weekend, but there's no denying that the words have been hovering on my lips.


August 29, 2003

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A healthy appetizer for a season opener

By Doug Gorman

Building ponds is creating serenity

By Ed Brock

Clayton's SAT scores decrease

By Trina Trice

Schools help to bridge language gap

By Trina Trice

Call me a strict consternationist - Bob Paslay

Some of my friends are strict constitutionalists and I applaud their zeal. But for me, I am a strict consternationist