Four arrested report to court

By Michael Davis

Four people involved in the report of a "missing" 4-year-old boy were in Henry County Magistrate Court on Monday.

Susanna Lynn Callison, 21, the mother of Edward James Callison, the boy reported missing last Wednesday, appeared in court on the charge of interference with child custody. Police say she took the boy from a home where he was temporarily placed by the Clayton County Department of Family and Children Services.

The boy was originally reported missing by 33-year-old Ellis Ray Saggus Jr. He was arrested Friday evening on charges of interference with child custody, false report of a crime and obstruction of an officer.

"Ellis Saggus told me to come and pick him up," Callison said after her court appearance.

The boy had been placed in the home by Clayton DFCS, but Callison said she took the boy back because she was afraid they would return him to a shelter.

The boy was turned over to Henry County authorities Friday evening with the cooperation of a neighbor, police said. Saggus was arrested a short time later and charged.

He appeared in Henry County Magistrate Court Monday and asked for a court-appointed attorney. He remained in jail Monday evening unable to post bond because of a parole violation, jail officials said.

After the boy was taken back into Clayton DFCS custody, Henry County police say they received information that Susanna Callison was at the KOA Campground off Jodeco Road.

She was arrested there Saturday morning along with Lawrence Ray Dambrino, 40 and his fiancee, Mary Tonya Ward, 29.

Dambrino said Monday that he was arrested after refusing to give officers a description of Callison.

"We had set it up the up where she was going to turn herself in," Dambrino said outside the courtroom.

When police arrived Saturday morning, "She dove out the back window and ran through the woods," he said.

Police also arrested Ward on obstruction charges for running with Callison through the woods.

Callison, Dambrino and Ward are all free on bond.

The boy remains in the custody of child welfare officials.

Callison's other children, 2-year-old twins, live in Stockbridge with their father, 24-year-old Russell Jordan.