Officials discuss crossing guards

By Billy Corriher

Clayton County officials met with mayors and school system officials Monday to discuss options for providing school crossing guards.

Clayton County Commission Chairman Crandle Bray, who hosted the meeting, introduced a proposal in which the county would pay one third of the costs of crossing guards, the cities would pay one third, and the school board would pay the remaining third. Any funding decisions would have to go through the board of commissioners, the board of education, and each city involved.

Morrow Mayor Jim Millirons said he does not think the cities should have to pay for the guards. Providing crossing guards is the responsibility of the school system, he said.

Many cities, including Morrow, have increased their police presence at schools, but have stopped short of providing guards.

The board of commissioners provided crossing guards for all schools until last year, even though it was only required for those outside city limits. The school board did not have funding lined up for this year so many schools have not had crossing guards.

If Bray's initiative is approved, it will provide funding for a year, at which point the school system will take over or another agreement must be reached.