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Count your blessings, but not on TV - Clay Wilson

There are many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Specifically, I have many things for which to be thankful.

Pass the turkey and opinions - Rob Felt

Thankfulness, family, pilgrims and Indian corn, little kids coloring outlines of their hands to look like a turkey, food, football and a day off of work (for most). Now that we've gotten that out of the way here's what I'm thankful for: the First Amendment.

Life is a banquet, so pull up a chair - Bob Paslay

I was having Thanksgiving lunch with my friend Jay since neither of us could make it home for the holidays and I was bemoaning the fact that I had to come up with an idea for a column. I didn't want to write about politics and I figured everyone was tired of turkey stories.


December 1, 2003

Eating is the Axis of Evil - Zach Porter

As we sat in the Iraqi restaurant (in Kentucky) I felt increasingly apprehensive. I was visiting with a friend and his girl. It wasn't them. And it wasn't the Iraqi proprietress, it was the other Americans. There was a large table of Americans sitting together enjoying dinner, or perhaps plotting. A Caucasian waitress comes to take our order and I become increasingly more frightened. Straight ahead of me there is a belly dancer in exotic clothing who is handed a sword by some long-haired yokel who takes a seat with the potentially dangerous conspirators. Fear turns to confusion when I realize I thought belly dancing was primarily a Moroccan thing, extending across North Africa perhaps, but not to Iraq. Don't pay me too much mind about that, I'm not a traveled person. But was the dancing just in the interest of entertaining the unknowing, uncaring American patrons? Is one Arabic speaking country just as good or the same as the next to us? Can we mix and match Middle Eastern novelties? Two young, good looking Arab girls walk in and start smoking a "Hooka" and speaking in Arabic to the Iraqi owners. They are more mysterious than the American family but less ominous. Both parties seem equally unapproachable. The American waitress brings our stuff. I feel like I have seen her in a barbecue joint before or someone like her playing a waitress in a movie in a scene in a barbecue joint. Or perhaps it was a Cracker Barrel, but not in a movie or on TV.

Thanksgiving is over. Now what? - Mike Davis

When I realized the holidays were here, relentlessly slapping us in the face, it was already too late. I didn't quite grasp the magnitude of the end of the year. I didn't understand how fast it can all fall into your lap, look up crying and ask for more.

More craziness in Jackson circus - April Avison

The bizarre case of Michael Jackson's child molestation allegations keeps getting more bizarre.

The question of Col. West - Ed Brock

There is an important question that must be asked regarding the situation of Army Lt. Col. Allen B. West.

Morrow, Lovejoy take second

By Doug Gorman

Bears make a difference

By Ed Brock

Foster parenting rewarding experience

By Billy Corriher

Memories of JFK assassination - Tamara Boatwright

For the last few weeks we have been asking for readers' memories of Nov. 22, 1963, the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Lovejoy Library on track

By Billy Corriher

Taking a hard look at economic McGrowth - Diane Wagner

Last week's news, as always, was a hodgepodge of various items but I couldn't help drawing a connection between two announcements.

Rhodenizer: Guards should be back

By Greg Gelpi

Watch out for the phone vultures - Greg Gelpi

Circling the skies, the vulture observed its prey until the opportune time to swoop down.

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What have we in common? - R.H. Joseph

Because Thanksgiving is upon us I'm following Thumper's mom's dictum: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

The warmth of hometown friends, family - Billy Corriher

Last Thursday night, driving back to Atlanta after spending the day with my family shoving deep-fried turkey in our mouths, I was flooded with fond memories of my childhood home.

Locals, businesses keeping up with troops

By Michael Davis

Wildcats already thinking about next year

By Anthony Rhoads

Lady Lakers rally again

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