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Luella to host South Metro tournament

By Anthony Rhoads

A most withering compliment - R.H. Joseph

Beyond despondent, I'm considering combining massive doses of Prozac with psychiatric counseling. And frankly, if this doesn't relieve my despair I'll welcome a pre-frontal lobotomy.

Give your coats to a good cause - April Avison

It's beginning to finally feel a lot like winter around here.

Eating in the Axis of Evil - Zach Porter

As we sat in the Iraqi restaurant (in Kentucky) I felt increasingly apprehensive. I was visiting with a friend and his girl. It wasn't them. And it wasn't the Iraqi proprietress, it was the other Americans. There was a large table of Americans sitting together enjoying dinner, or perhaps plotting. A Caucasian waitress comes to take our order and I become increasingly more frightened. Straight ahead of me there is a belly dancer in exotic clothing who is handed a sword by some long-haired yokel who takes a seat with the potentially dangerous conspirators.

Identity thieves - steal mine! - Rob Felt

Last year almost 10,000 cases of fraud and identity theft were reported in Georgia alone. Due to some form of Internet scam, credit card fraud or good old-fashioned garbage picking, many Georgians aren't exactly the same folks they were two years ago. In fact, they're each a few more folks than they were two years ago. This begs the question: why can't these likeness thieves steal mine? Come on and get it because I need a break from myself!

Dude, where's my dictionary? - Bob Paslay

Do we ever fully grow up? Maybe not. I brought a copy of the Dictionary of American Slang I bought at a used book store for 50 cents to the newsroom and was sharing it with everyone recently.

Thanksgiving is over. Now what? - Mike Davis

When I realized the holidays were here, relentlessly slapping us in the face, it was already too late. I didn't quite grasp the magnitude of the end of the year. I didn't understand how fast it can all fall into your lap, look up crying and ask for more.

Post office: Mail holiday packages early

From Staff Reports

Candlelight vigil held for Joella Reaves

By Michael Davis

Taking a hard look at economic McGrowth - Diane Wagner

Last week's news, as always, was a hodgepodge of various items but I couldn't help drawing a connection between two announcements.

Board to help pay for guards

By Greg Gelpi

Carjacking suspect shot to death

By Ed Brock

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The deer are my enemy - Greg Gelpi

Our eyes locked, and a brief second lasted a few minutes.

CCSU pays visit to local school

From Staff Reports

The photographer's eye

By Ed Brock


December 12, 2003

Cities, county disagree on funding guards

By Billy Corriher

Careful with that saber - Ed Brock

Certainly Israel is a good mentor to consult on fighting terrorism. They have plenty of experience in the subject.

Arrests made in shooting incident

By Ed Brock

Odd stories spur more thankfulness - Clay Wilson

Here are yet two more reasons to be thankful for living in America.

Thoughts about the Falcons

By Doug Gorman

Defense leads Lady Cardinals to 7-0 start

By Jeffery Armstrong

Argument leads to fire, hanging

By Ed Brock