Argument leads to fire, hanging

By Ed Brock

A domestic dispute between a man and woman ended in a fire and the man's suicide.

Ronald Clemons, 46, and Roxanne Crocker, 29, had an argument at the house where they lived together on Amhearst Court in Jonesboro Wednesday night, Clayton County Police Department Capt. Jeff Turner said.

Crocker and her 10-year-old daughter left the house but returned at about 10:23 a.m. Thursday, at which time Crocker told Clemons that their relationship was over.

"So he said if the relationship is over I'm burning down the house," Turner said.

Clemons retrieved a can of gasoline from the garage and began pouring it around the house. He then poured some on Crocker and her daughter so they ran from the house.

After starting the fire Clemons went into a utility closet in the garage and hanged himself. Turner said the fire caused substantial damage to the house.