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Suspicious package found in Jonesboro October 8, 2015

News for Wednesday, December 17, 2003


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Give your coats to a good cause - April Avison

It's beginning to finally feel a lot like winter around here.

Accosted and angered by change - R.H. Joseph

Whether or not Iraq becomes a quagmire remains to be seen. No such uncertainty exists regarding my front yard.

Even ushers get cold feet - By Billy Corriher

Last weekend, I traveled home to North Carolina to be an usher in a good friend of mine's wedding.

Dude, where's my dictionary? - Bob Paslay

Do we ever fully grow up? Maybe not. I brought a copy of the Dictionary of American Slang I bought at a used book store for 50 cents to the newsroom and was sharing it with everyone recently.

All it's cracked up to be - By Michael Davis

Between a crowd of people who either have on too many protest buttons or too much hair gel and a back door that leads to a cold and rainy side street in East Atlanta, I waited.

Four Clayton teams ranked in latest poll

By Doug Gorman

County requests Atlanta-Lovejoy rail line

By Billy Corriher

County banning employees from running for office

By Billy Corriher

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A life beyond sports

By Anthony RhoadsI'm a sports fan. But there are some things in this life that hold my interest other than sports.

The deer are my enemy - Greg Gelpi

Our eyes locked, and a brief second lasted a few minutes.

Ranked Jonesboro teams sweep region foe Westside

By Jeffery Armstrong

100 years of the Wright stuff

By Ed Brock

Identity thieves - steal mine! - Rob Felt

Last year almost 10,000 cases of fraud and identity theft were reported in Georgia alone. Due to some form of Internet scam, credit card fraud or good old-fashioned garbage picking, many Georgians aren't exactly the same folks they were two years ago. In fact, they're each a few more folks than they were two years ago. This begs the question: why can't these likeness thieves steal mine? Come on and get it because I need a break from myself!


December 17, 2003

Saddam's swan song - Ed Brock

What a rock-star ending for Saddam Hussein.

Taxpayers foot travel bills

By Greg Gelpi

Shooting mystery remains

By Ed Brock

Odd stories spur more thankfulness - Clay Wilson

Here are yet two more reasons to be thankful for living in America.