Shooting mystery remains

By Ed Brock

Police have identified two men shot during an apparent home invasion early Monday, but many more mysteries remain.

The bodies of Ivan Castro, 29, of Lawrenceville, and Fernando Geovany Flores, 29, a Mexican national, were found in a house on Sinclair Way near Jonesboro around 2:40 a.m. Monday, Clayton County police Capt. Jeff Turner said.

Police believe they were two of four men seeking to invade the home as one of them was found inside wearing a ski mask with a gun under his leg.

Still unknown on Tuesday were the names and whereabouts of the residents of the home, two men, a woman and at least one child, who packed some things and left shortly after the shooting.

Neighbors of the house in the quiet, relatively new subdivision off Tara Road said the people had been living in the rented home for only a month or two. Todd Ogletree lives next door and said he had seen two or three children at the house.

Turner said police are looking through documents in the house in an attempt to gather information on the occupants. They had been renting the house through Property Services of Atlanta and the owner is in Mexico looking after a sick relative.

The occupants of the house are believed to be driving a white 1998 Toyota Camry with the tag number FJ95T. A black or dark colored Jeep Cherokee may have gone with them.

Investigators are also looking for the other two men who may have been involved in executing the home invasion. They are believed to have left the scene in a white SUV.

Turner said investigators didn't know how long Flores had been in the country but did know that he had been deported once before. The men had criminal histories, mostly around Gwinnett County, involving drugs, obstruction of a police officer and shoplifting, Turner said.

At one point investigators removed a blue mini-van with a Nebraska license plate from the home. One witness also told police he saw a black youth about 13 or 14 years old running from the house shortly after the shooting.