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Henry County Classic tips off today

By Doug Gorman

Gymnasts win state titles

By Anthony Rhoads

What to do with $1,000 - Jeffery Armstrong

I am not a fan of former NFL superstar Lawrence Taylor – I didn't like him when he was playing football and I am not crazy about him now. When LT was on "60 Minutes" a few Sundays ago, I looked at him with even more disgust than I did when he was playing. He talked about his drug use, sexual habits and other crap he did outside of the sports arena.

Shaving with Saddam and the Amish - Rob Felt

During the intensely repetitious coverage of Saddam Hussein's capture this week it's hard to estimate how many stories we didn't hear about Whenever major news breaks the media is forced to concentrate its collective efforts in one specific direction. The effect of this acute focus is the risk of missing other news. What did they fail to note this week?

Give your coats to a good cause - April Avison

It's beginning to finally feel a lot like winter around here.

Even ushers get cold feet - By Billy Corriher

Last weekend, I traveled home to North Carolina to be an usher in a good friend of mine's wedding.

Accosted and angered by change - R.H. Joseph

Whether or not Iraq becomes a quagmire remains to be seen. No such uncertainty exists regarding my front yard.

Finalists meet public

By Greg Gelpi

All it's cracked up to be - By Michael Davis

Between a crowd of people who either have on too many protest buttons or too much hair gel and a back door that leads to a cold and rainy side street in East Atlanta, I waited.

Couple accused of killing daughter to remain in jail

By Michael Davis

Customers or suspects?

By Ed Brock

Odd stories spur more thankfulness - Clay Wilson

Here are yet two more reasons to be thankful for living in America.

Saddam's swan song - Ed Brock

What a rock-star ending for Saddam Hussein.

Take responsibility for your actions - Greg Gelpi

Just call me Houdini. With one snap of my fingers, I could make 99 percent of the world's problems disappear.

Donations sought to help save rescued dog

By Ed Brock

Peace club gives back to community

By Greg Gelpi

Bray ending long run as chairman

By Billy Corriher

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December 18, 2003

Dude, where's my dictionary? - Bob Paslay

Do we ever fully grow up? Maybe not. I brought a copy of the Dictionary of American Slang I bought at a used book store for 50 cents to the newsroom and was sharing it with everyone recently.