School board trip to Florida to cost $1,600

By Greg Gelpi

Three members of the Clayton County Board of Education charged more than $1,600 to the school system for a trip to sunny Orlando, Fla. to interview a candidate for superintendent.

Board Chairwoman Nedra Ware and board members Connie Kitchens and Carol Kellam visited Roy Brooks, who is one of three finalists for superintendent, earlier this month.

Board members did not visit finalist Barbara Pulliam at her wintry St. Louis Park, Minn., school system.

A delegation of board members visited the third finalist Stanley Pritchett in DeKalb County, but drove since it is close.

While on the Florida trip, board members ate at Bennigan's and Chili's and stayed at the Marriott for $59 a night.

The trip was made to observe Brooks at work in his home school system of Orange County and interview those who work with him and know him.

A board member said no one went to Minnesota because of the cost and the cold weather. A conference call was held instead.