News for Saturday, December 20, 2003


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Shaving with Saddam and the Amish - Rob Felt

During the intensely repetitious coverage of Saddam Hussein's capture this week it's hard to estimate how many stories we didn't hear about Whenever major news breaks the media is forced to concentrate its collective efforts in one specific direction. The effect of this acute focus is the risk of missing other news. What did they fail to note this week?

Even ushers get cold feet - By Billy Corriher

Last weekend, I traveled home to North Carolina to be an usher in a good friend of mine's wedding.

An alert shopper is a safe shopper

By Ed Brock

Accosted and angered by change - R.H. Joseph

Whether or not Iraq becomes a quagmire remains to be seen. No such uncertainty exists regarding my front yard.

Clayton board selects Pulliam

By Greg Gelpi

Larry G. McLain

Larry G. McLain, age 57, of Jonesboro, passed away Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2003.

Soda bottle bomb explodes in school

By Ed Brock

Richard Tatem


Fishing for that unusual gift

By Clay Wilson

Red Cross sees blood shortage worsen

By Michael Davis

Give your coats to a good cause - April Avison

It's beginning to finally feel a lot like winter around here.

Hilda D. Weese


Take responsibility for your actions - Greg Gelpi

Just call me Houdini. With one snap of my fingers, I could make 99 percent of the world's problems disappear.

Sign me up for Europe Chamber of Commerce - Bob Paslay

I don't know if you have ever heard Andy Griffith's very early comedy called "What It Was Was Football" about a country bumpkin pushed along into a UNC football game on a Saturday afternoon describing what he saw. If you have you know it can be funny to get a new perspective on something many accept as normal.

A sports fan's letter to Santa

By Doug Gorman

Police officer sentenced on theft charges

By Ed Brock

Odd stories spur more thankfulness - Clay Wilson

Here are yet two more reasons to be thankful for living in America.

Local teams gearing up for Tiger Classic tourney

By Anthony Rhoads

Who's looking out for the kids? - Zach Porter

On a recent airing of his radio program "The Factor," Bill O'Reilly spent much time on the subject of the new "Cat in the Hat" movie out this holiday season in theaters.

School board trip to Florida to cost $1,600

By Greg Gelpi

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Fugitive's mother in Clayton court

By Ed Brock

All it's cracked up to be - By Michael Davis

Between a crowd of people who either have on too many protest buttons or too much hair gel and a back door that leads to a cold and rainy side street in East Atlanta, I waited.

Saddam's swan song - Ed Brock

What a rock-star ending for Saddam Hussein.