Soda bottle bomb explodes in school

By Ed Brock

Police have arrested two North Clayton High School students in connection with the making of a device that exploded in the school's cafeteria.

Nobody was injured in the incident that involved an "experiment" by the two 16-year-old male students, Clayton County Police Capt. Jeff Turner said. The incident happened around 1 p.m. Thursday.

"They put some chemicals into a plastic Coke bottle," Turner said.

The bottle was placed in a garbage can in the cafeteria and when pressure built up inside the bottle it burst.

The two teens, one from Riverdale and the other from College Park, have been charged with making a destructive device, disrupting school, terroristic threats and acts, and having a weapon on school grounds, Turner said.

The bomb squad responded to the call and the two teens were arrested based on information gathered from the school's security camera.

They were being held at the Clayton Regional Youth Detention Center in Lovejoy.