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The life of an unheralded saint - Clay Wilson

Baptists aren't in the habit of designating saints. That's a Catholic tradition.

Residents asked to recycle trees

By Clay Wilson

Swaggart, move over for Thurmond show

By Bob Paslay

Christmas greeting scam leaves sour taste - Greg Gelpi

Still fairly new in town, each time I open my mailbox I do so with excited anticipation.

Police report quiet holiday

By Ed Brock

Merry (read this) Christmas! - Rob Felt

What type of newspaper column would someone want to read on Christmas? I asked myself this question Tuesday afternoon, while facing a deadline and a room full of food at the office holiday party. Get those keys clicking, I told myself, there's food to eat!

New Year's Eve not my favorite

By Zach Porter

Resolving to do good in 2004 - April Avison

New Year's resolutions are pretty stupid, if you ask me. We all make these crazy promises to ourselves but know we won't be able to keep them. By the time February rolls around, we're too busy, too lazy or the diet is just too difficult, and it all goes out the window.

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum - Billy Corriher

Every year, the centerpiece of my family's Christmas celebration is a small plastic tree with white lights. It's not really big enough to be considered a tree, so I guess it's more of a bush.

Making Christmas merry

By Ed Brock

Loving those Thrashers

By Doug Gorman

Photo by Zach Porter

Above, Tiffany Riley takes a basket of toys from Andrews Chapel United Methodist Church to be delivered to children staying at Rainbow House.

It's not too late to mail items

From Staff Reports

Corbin Cain

Corbin Cain, age 26, of Locust Grove passed away Monday, Dec. 22, 2003.

All it's cracked up to be - By Michael Davis

Between a crowd of people who either have on too many protest buttons or too much hair gel and a back door that leads to a cold and rainy side street in East Atlanta, I waited.

More than sweet and sour pork - R.H. Joseph

Amused as any world traveler by Atlanta's hubristic self-description as an international city, I nevertheless keep my mouth shut.

Christmas Zen meditation - Ed Brock

After I found my rhythm the tinny clinking of the bell put me in a meditative mood, a state of Christmas Zen.

Student splitting time between work, school

By Greg Gelpi

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NORAD assuring Santa a safe flight

From Staff Reports