Police report quiet holiday

By Ed Brock

Leo Weber didn't intend to be flying to North Dakota on Christmas Day.

"That's the way the tickets wound up," said the Kingston man.

Weber and his 6-year-old daughter Jessie were flying to visit family and a fairly large number of travelers were also spending at least part of their Christmas at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Even the threat of possible terrorist attacks that led to the cancellation of six Air France flights from Paris to Los Angeles didn't phase Weber, nor did the relatively lengthy lines at the security gates for boarding passengers.

The average wait time at the security gates was two or three minutes, according to the Transportation Safety Administration security desk.

Jessie said she was looking forward to the trip and seeing her relative's three dogs.

"I like North Dakota," Jessie said.

Around Clayton and Henry counties things were mostly quiet with the exception of a few domestic disturbances, Clayton County police Officer Ken Waits said.

Police officers and firefighters from Morrow and Lake City once again gathered at Dorothy Brandon's house in Morrow for a home-cooked meal. Brandon cooks for them every holiday.

"The most exciting thing that happened was the alarm went off at Toys R Us," Morrow police Officer Johnathon Barnes said.

That turned out to be a false alarm.

"One of the Lake City officers said he was surprised by all the traffic they've had," Brandon said.

Back at the airport, the Homeland Security Code Orange, or High, terrorist alert was still in affect and included random vehicle checks and added screening of passengers.

The Air France flights, scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, were canceled after U.S. officials passed on information they deemed credible about security threats from passengers flying from Paris to Los Angeles, U.S. and European officials said Wednesday.

Three of the canceled flights were headed to Los Angeles and three more were returning to Paris.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.