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Freedom fighters issue call to arms - Diane Wagner

If everything goes right, we'll be looking back on this past Fourth of July as another historic Independence Day to celebrate in this country.

Fort Gillem money in Senate's budget

By Ed Brock

Girls State gives local teens feel of government

By Trina Trice

MLC Astros keep on winning games

By Jeffery Armstrong


July 12, 2003

?Roughing it' on the Fourth of July - Ed Brock

It was as the wife and I were strolling through the campground that we saw a second forest of satellite dishes.

Thrifting can be a Zen experience - Trina Trice

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Chicago is NASCAR's kind of town

By Herb Emory

Dozens of ROTC cadets graduate from ?boot camp'

By Clay Wilson

Everything happens for a reason - April Avison

True to form for a new mother, my sister Carla e-mails pictures of her six-month-old daughter about once a week.

And they all lived happily ever after - R.H. Joseph

Though a long-time fan of both Jean Reno and Juliette Binoche, I confess the thought of casting them opposite one another in a romantic comedy never occurred.

Setting sail with some scalawags - R.H. Joseph

Heave to and moor up along side, matey, for I've a tale to tell that'll shiver yer timbers.

Course looks at terrorism

By Diane Wagner

Music: ?State of Love and Trust' - Ryan Whelchel

Through the years, music has evolved many times. Sometimes at a very rapid rate, like a nitroglycerin fueled explosion and others at a very slow rate like a race between confused snails.

Pass the champagne, brother - Justin Reedy

By this time next week I'll be hip-deep in preparations for my brother's wedding.

Rushing toward another dark age - R.H. Joseph

There is a misperception taking hold in America: we are permitting our most primitive stratum to define its war against culture as a battle among equals.

Struggling to cope with an empty nest complex - Clay Wilson

My editor pointed out to me last week (editors are notorious for this sort of thing) that lately I've written several columns based on news items I had read.

Southerners can't give up grits - Bob Paslay

A friend of mine once asked me if the Civil War broke out again which side would I fight on. Without hesitation I said the South, of course.

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