Sanders takes feature win at Senoia

From Staff Reports

In the most hotly contested Allen Vigil Ford "Big 10" 100 lap Pro Late Model feature of the season, Ronnie Sanders battled his way up through the field to take the win. Sanders' team mate, Ronny Kittle, who has recorded one "Big 10" win and one 40-lap Pro Late Model win this season established the fastest time in qualifying; then rolled a two on the dice placing him in the second starting position.

This advanced fellow competitor Linny Foster into the pole position.

When the green flag waved, Kittle jumped out front on the first lap, with Foster and Scotty Ellis battling close behind.

As the field recorded the first lap of the event, the machine's of Sanders and Rusty Clanton made contact as they entered turn one which resulted in a spin and causing both driver's to move to the back of the field for the restart.

When racing resumed, Kittle continued to lead the way until lap 14 when Foster dove beneath him and emerged the new race leader. With Foster clearly in the lead, the remainder of the field battled for the top positions, with Kittle, Ellis, and Wayne Hansard contesting for position.

By lap 26, Sanders had advanced into the fourth place position.

Then on lap 36, Sanders moved into the third-place position behind Kittle.

On lap 39, Kittle had caught Foster and made the pass for the lead as Sanders also dove to the inside of Foster to took over the second place position.

The running order on lap 39 was: Kittle, Sanders, Foster and Ellis.

On lap 31, Ellis experienced a flat tire which brought out a caution. Following quick attention from his crew, Ellis returned to the speedway and began to work his way back up through the field.

On lap 50, a mandatory caution was displayed which allowed the driver's to come into the pits for tire's while maintaining their position.

When the green flag waved, Kitttle continued to lead the event until Sanders took the inside line and made the pass for the lead on lap 53. The running order on lap 53 was: Sanders, Kittle, Clanton and Hansard.

By lap 82, Ellis, who has served notice to Senoia's veteran Late Model drivers that he arrived as a big league driver, had worked his way back up through the field and moved into the fourth place position.

The running order would remain the same for the remaining laps with Sanders taking the checkered flag.In another hotly contested event of the evening, the Legends Semi Pro Diver's presented the fans with a thrilling contest.

Bubba Harry has been the consistent winner of this division all season as follow competitors Doc Lee, Aaron Brooks, Adam Quattlebaum, Chris Cable and Matt Cox battle for the remaining top positions. On this occasion, Lee stated the race from the pole, with Harry joining him on the front row.

When the green flag waved, Harry jumped out front and seemed to be establishing his consistent strategy of commanding the lead position. However, Lee battled back on the second lap and took over the lead position only to have Harry capture the top position on lap 5.

Harry would continue in the lead until lap 11 when Lee dove low in turn two and made the pass while racing down the back straight-away.

During the finally five laps of the event, the two drivers battling door-to-door, swapping the lead back-and-forth as they blasted out of the corners.

Doc Lee finally found an advantage, and took the win; ending an impressive winning series by Bubba Harry.

In the other division races, Mike Chambers took the Modified Mini Stock event, and Andy Cash won the Sportsman contest. Doug Ludwig won the Legend Pro event, which was interrupted by a frightening crash on the front straight-away involving Scott mosely and Tony Yawn, Jr.

On lap 19 of the event, the two machine's made contact as they exited turn four while battling for the third place position.

Yawn, Jr.'s machine turned sideways as he approached the start finish line and Mosely made hard contact with Yawn Jr., catapulting Mosley's machine airborne and end-over-end, finally coming to rest on its side just short of turn one.

Speedway officials rushed to check the two driver's who reported that they were uninjured in the incident.

Speedway Director Lyn White advised on-track officials to have both driver's checked by the speedway's medical staff as a precaution.

While the two machine's sustained extensive damage, but the drivers were uninjurred in the incident.

In the remaining races, Larry Pierce took the Modified Street Stock event, Jonathan Chandler won the Bandolero contest and Terry Mathis continues to record victories in the Pro Challenge Division.

2. Ronny Kittle

3. Rusty Clanton

4. Scotty Ellis

5. Linny Foster

Legends Semi Pro

1. Doc Lee

2. Bubba Harry

3. Chris Cable

4. Aaron Brooks

5. Casey Tate

Sportsman Division

1. Andy Cash

2. Rob Williford

3. Paul Benefield

4. Trey White

5. Sammy Nelson

Modified Street Stock

1. Larry Pierce

2. Sammy Short

3. Richard Blume

4. David Seaman

5. Steve Woodward

Modified Mini Stock

1. Mike Chambers

2. Darrell Carlson

3. Dan Oxenford

4. Chuck Oxenford

5. Mike Green


1. Jonathan Chandler

2. Mike Conrade

3. Trey Maughan

4. Kyle Mitchell

5. Chase Moody

Legends Pro / Master

1. Doug Ludwig

2. Cindy Anderson

3. Bubba Pollard

4. Virgil Brown

5. Larry Friddle

Pro Challenge

1. Terry Mathis

2. Brian Sharp

3. Brett McClain

4. Camerom Michael

5. Stephen Curlee