News for Friday, July 18, 2003


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No winners in Dooley, Adams debate

By Doug Gorman

Send James Bond after Saddam - Ed Brock

I hear that Saddam Hussein has shaved his head, taken to carrying a fuzzy white cat with him wherever he goes and has taken up residence in an underground lair in an extinct volcano.

Indians stay unbeaten

By Doug Gorman and Jeffery Armstrong

Embrace dem works, don't dis them - Trina Trice

Language is wonderful because it is probably the only aspect of humanity that one can see evolving, literally.

Stevens cruises to victory in Pro Division

By Anthony Rhoads

Let's do the time warp again - Diane Wagner

I had plans this past weekend for some heavy spring cleaning.

July 19, 2003


Cheddar is good, but feta is better - Clay Wilson

It can hardly be debated that Greece has already had an enormous influence on the world.

Youth football league gears up

By Doug Gorman

Pass the champagne, brother - Justin Reedy

By this time next week I'll be hip-deep in preparations for my brother's wedding.

The Peach State of Mind, first no more - Bob Paslay

OK what do you hate more than anything in the world, well almost more than anything in the world? That is some interloper coming into your city, state and telling what's wrong with it, bragging about "back home."

Personnel made difference

By Trina Trice

Genetically averse to tidying up - R.H. Joseph

Should I consider the numerous pine tree seedlings growing in the rain gutters of my house indicative of some sort of personal character flaw?

Everything happens for a reason - April Avison

True to form for a new mother, my sister Carla e-mails pictures of her six-month-old daughter about once a week.

Local history lover, teacher gets published

By Trina Trice

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Senior drivers need options, some say

By Ed Brock

Decay of society? Violence is not new - Ryan Whelchel

As you look around in the world today, it's hard not see the violence that has enraptured almost all of humanity. Day after day the world is filled with new levels hate, war, greed, deceit, etc., or so it seems.

Forest Park yet to agree on 2003-04 budget

By Ed Brock