Stevens cruises to victory in Pro Division

By Anthony Rhoads

There's an old saying in NASCAR among car manufacturers that if you win on Sunday, you sell on Monday.

That certainly can apply to Legends racing as well.

In this week's Thursday Thunder event at Atlanta Motor Speedway, Doug Stevens cruised to his second victory of the season in the Pro Division. Stevens owns and operates Advanced Technology Motorsports, which is used by several drivers at Thursday Thunder.

"We've been doing real good and this certainly helps," Stevens said after his victory in the week 7 race. Stevens claimed the top spot in a car normally driven by Chris Cable, who is one of Stevens' customers at ATM.

In the week 7 race, Stevens started in the back of the field but quickly gained the lead from Doug Ludwig on lap 2. Stevens led the rest of the way.

Ludwig (a former employee of Stevens) finished second, Chris Dilbeck placed third and Brian Meredith rounded out the field in fourth place.

Ludwig said he enjoys racing against Stevens, a driver who has won three Pro Division points championships. Stevens also competes part-time in the American Speed Association, ARCA and the Hooters ProCup Series.

"I've raced with him before he moved up and I've worked with him at ATM," Ludwig said. "He does help everyone out here but he'll ask for advice when he needs it."

Dilbeck is one of the many drivers that Stevens has helped in Legends racing.

Dilbeck has had successful run so far this season at Atlanta Motor Speedway and last Saturday at Lanier National Speedway, he claimed his fourth victory there.

Part of that success can be attributed to Stevens.

"He's (Doug Stevens) awesome," Dilbeck said. "He's a real good guy. When I was racing Bandoleros, I always looked up to him and watched him race and watched his lines because I knew I wanted to move up to Legends eventually."

In the week 6 race earlier Thursday evening, Stevens' employee Andy James won his first race of the season.

"It's fun but it's different," James said.

"It's hard to race against your best friends but when the green flag drops you don't have any friends. Most everybody understands that. We might get mad at each other but everyone here has experience. We might bump each other on the track and they understand that's racing."

In the Chargers Division, Matt Hawkins (whose car is set up by ATM) won both races Thursday night.