Decay of society? Violence is not new - Ryan Whelchel

As you look around in the world today, it's hard not see the violence that has enraptured almost all of humanity. Day after day the world is filled with new levels hate, war, greed, deceit, etc., or so it seems.

Is it that these acts are new and becoming more numerous, or that we have been able to see them more clearly due to the overwhelming attention of the media? It's most likely a little of both. Crime and violence have been around since the beginning of man; the only things that have changed is the way in which we take the action. Also, the population has increased to make it seem as if it is overwhelming. All we hear about on the news are the wars that are being fought in the Middle East, but these have been fought for thousands of years, the only thing that has changed is how other countries step in time to time, and now there are more effective explosives.

The deviousness of people has also been around since the beginning of man. Whether you read the Bible and know of stories like Cain and Able, Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, or just watch the Discovery Channel and watch programs about warring caveman tribes of the prehistoric age, you know that "evil" has been around forever.

The eye of the media can easily manipulate that of the beholder. With stunning graphics and night vision goggles, a small firefight in Iraq can look like World War III. As long as American interest are thrown into the mix, people seem to lose respect for what the "other side" has to lose. If we are involved as Americans then the majority believes what ever our view is, it has to be right.

Every country seems to be caught up in itself. Afraid to let anyone else outside the country voice opinions for fear of change or at least deviations from what they see as "normal." Everyone's hostile to one another in a secret way, or an open one. Everyone is secretly afraid of one another for what they bring to the table.

It's that fear that creates the feeling of rage. If you feel threatened by someone or something you must take it out to alleviate the pressure that you feel. Iraq and USA, Germany and the U.S.A. during WWII, North Korea and South Korea, these are all examples of a threat must be neutralized, to ensure the other party's dominance.

Ryan Whelchel, of Jonesboro, is a student at Georgia State University and summer intern for the News Daily.