Jenkins charged with murder

By Clay WilsonAccording to court documents released late Monday afternoon, Raymond Jenkins shot his girlfriend and her 3-year-old daughter after the woman threw something at him.

The arrest warrant for Jenkins, filed Friday in Henry County Magistrate Court, alleges that Jenkins, 41, shot and killed 31-year-old Guilene Marie Cherisme on July 3 after an argument at the Locust Grove home where Jenkins lived.

"He admitted after she threw an object and hit him he picked up a gun from the table and shot (Cherisme) causing her death," the warrant states.

It states Jenkins then shot 3-year-old Joyce Isabell Cherisme, also killing her.

"He stated he then wrapped them in blankets and drove them to an area near Mobile Alabama and dumped the bodies in the water," the warrant says.

Over the weekend Jenkins led police to the bodies in Washington Parish, La.

According to Lt. Joe Tammaro of the Henry County Bureau of Police Services, Jenkins was arrested following an investigation by both the Clayton and Henry County police departments.

Cherisme was reported missing by her mother in College Park on July 11. However, according to reports filed with the Clayton County Police Department, an officer was sent to check on Cherisme at her Summer Court Drive, Jonesboro, house on July 8. The welfare check was done at the request of Cherisme's brother, who reported that he hadn't seen or heard from his sister since July 3, although she usually called him every day.

The officer who went to the house reported that he found nothing amiss.

Clayton County's investigation led them to Jenkins, Cherisme's boyfriend. According to Tammaro, Clayton detectives noted inconsistencies in Jenkins' statements to them and turned the case over to police in Henry, where Jenkins lived.

When Henry investigators interviewed Jenkins, Tammaro said, "there were some inconsistencies noted and acted upon." The investigators developed the belief that Jenkins had killed Cherisme and her daughter here.

Eventually, he would lead them to the bodies. Tammaro said a medical examiner is still working to positively identify the bodies found in Louisiana as Guilene and Joyce Cherisme. He also said the medical examiner hasn't determined the cause of death.

On Monday, Jenkins remained in the Henry County Jail, charged with two counts of murder. He waived a preliminary hearing before a Henry County magistrate Sunday, and the case will now go to a grand jury for possible indictment.

Flint Judicial Circuit District Attorney Tommy Floyd said he expects the case to come before the grand jury in the current term, which runs through October.

He also said Jenkins is entitled by law to a bond hearing within the next 30 days.

Jenkins is an employee of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Service. He worked at Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport, where Cherisme also worked as a translator.

According to Jim Michie, public affairs officer with Customs and Border Protection, Jenkins had worked for the service since March 1 as a documents inspector. Before that, he had worked four years as an inspector for the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (now merged into Customs and Border Protection).

Michie declined further comment on the case.

In Jenkins' Beulah Lane neighborhood in Locust Grove, an apparently quiet subdivision of small, relatively new houses, neighbors are still talking about the case.

"We've been trying to watch the news to find out what's going on," said Alfred Williams.

Williams and his wife, Joyce, said they had been curious since Henry County Bureau of Police Services and Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents swarmed the house at 215 Beulah Lane.

"The whole works was out here," Joyce Williams said. The police have been followed by a string of reporters and camera crews, she said. "It's just all been kind of weird."