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Benefits of homeowners associations - April Avison

As Henry County continues to grow, adding more subdivisions and more residents, the people who live here are getting more involved in local government. They want to know what's going on around them and why these things are happening. They have realized they have the power to influence elected officials and thus lend a hand in painting the picture of Henry County.

Ponder finally gets back to Victory Lane at AMS

By Anthony Rhoads

There's no substitute for bad writing - Clay Wilson

I have found my aspiration in life. Some people long to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Some aspire to end world hunger. Some just want to get married and raise a nice family.

Give alleged victims a sporting chance - Diane Wagner

There seems to be no doubt that Kobe Bryant is a nice guy, but I think I'm going to be ill.

All about timing and follow-through - Ed Brock

Those of you who believe that David Kelly actually committed suicide raise your hands.

A refreshing drink, hold the sugar - Trina Trice

Diet drinks are an acquired taste.

Selling sex and war as news - Justin Reedy

This plot sounds like it could have come from a John Le Carr? novel.

Police Institute alumni come to Clayton

By Ed Brock

Candidates raising funds

By Justin Reedy

Alliance hosting ?Superstar'

By Trina Trice

Cruising and forgetting world's strife - Ryan Whelchel

It's what everyone needs from time to time, the need to escape from the workplace and other frustrations of life and be bound for the sun.

Jonesboro man circles world from home

By Ed Brock

The American flag is ours, not theirs! - R.H. Joseph

We all know how to define "weasel." The question is, how do we define "patriot?"

July 25, 2003


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Two Henry students killed in wreck

By Clay Wilson