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It may be useless but it's not harmless - Diane Wagner

My mother-in-law died of appendicitis.

They say that love is blind in relationships - Trina Trice

Love is blind in celebrity relationships.

Living with not-so-tolerant kin - Ed Brock

Here's to the racists I've known and loved.

You can't tell me what to do! - Justin Reedy

When you're a little kid, you expect your parents and other elders to give you pointers on life – look both ways before crossing, don't talk to strangers driving unmarked vans, that sort of thing.

Baseball in its purest form

By Jeffery Armstrong

Robbins puts perfect streak on line

By Anthony Rhoads

NAACP makes school board recommendations

By Trina Trice

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Nuturing a culture of hatred - R.H. Joseph

It was swell when the pope apologized for the hundreds of years of anti-Jewish hatred propagated by the Roman Catholic Church.

Residents sticking with fireworks displays

By Justin Reedy

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Senseless crimes cause us to ponder - Bob PaslayOur sports editor Doug Gorman, who lives in Henry County, is in shock. As are a lot of people.

Gorman recently spent a pleasant 10 minutes talking to Michael Patrick Rudy, a 25-year-old personable convenience store clerk, about baseball and sports.

Struggling to cope with an empty nest complex - Clay Wilson

My editor pointed out to me last week (editors are notorious for this sort of thing) that lately I've written several columns based on news items I had read.

Busy July 4th weekend planned

By Trina Trice

Critical blood shortage present

By Trina Trice

Keep those colors flying the right way

By Trina Trice

July 3, 2003