Schools give dressing guidelines

By Trina Trice

Heather Wood hasn't done any back-to-school shopping ? yet.

Wood and her friends Hillary Hibben and Lauren Kirchner are all high school seniors and are gearing up for the back-to-school shopping season.

"I'll get a new outfit for the first day, some shirts, and a new pair of jeans," Wood said. "I don't throw away my entire wardrobe (from last year), though."

However, the girls know fashion comes with some restrictions while attending school.

"Our shorts have to be a certain length," Wood said. "But the shorts we wear, they don't make them long enough." To be on the safe side, Wood, Hibben and Kirchner agreed that they weren't going to wear shorts when school starts Aug. 11.

What they will be wearing are bright colors, though.

"They're more fun, something different than everyday black and white," Hibben said. "I've noticed a lot of fuller skirts and dresses (are popular, too)."

Kirchner plans to keep it simple.

"I just wear something that's comfortable and easy ?cause I usually wake up kind of late."

The current board policy governing student dress requires that a student's appearance be neat and in good taste "as dictated by common sense and propriety."

A school official, usually the principal, makes the final judgment as to what is neat and in good taste.

The following guidelines are generally applied to how Clayton County students should dress:

? Clothes or hats that advertise tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or which promote vulgar or obscene taste are not permitted.

? No hats shall be worn in the school building.

? Tank tops, tube tops and halter-tops are unacceptable. Jogging suits and sweatsuits can be worn if modest and in good taste. Shoes are required, but flip-flops are unacceptable.

? Sleeveless shirts for boys are not permitted.

? Shorts and jogging suits which are appropriately modest and in good taste are acceptable.

? Clothing that is intentionally torn or ripped is not acceptable.