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?28 Days Later' a well-crafted creep-o-rama - R.H. Joseph

Though a full-fledged, testosterone-driven, sex-and-violence-flick kinda guy, I have never been drawn to slasher/flesh-eating-zombie movies.

You can't tell me what to do! - Justin Reedy

When you're a little kid, you expect your parents and other elders to give you pointers on life – look both ways before crossing, don't talk to strangers driving unmarked vans, that sort of thing.

Track program about more than competition

By Jeffery Armstrong

They say that love is blind in relationships - Trina Trice

Love is blind in celebrity relationships.


July 5-6 2003

Travelers find deals on tickets

By Ed Brock

Libraries can be summer havens

By Diane Wagner

Keeping one's garden unplowed - R.H. Joseph

In a brilliant stroke director Karen Robinson has imbued Moli?re's hilarious play "The School for Wives" with the madcap abandon of vaudeville.

It may be useless but it's not harmless - Diane Wagner

My mother-in-law died of appendicitis.

NASCAR goes under the lights

By Herb Emory

Living with not-so-tolerant kin - Ed Brock

Here's to the racists I've known and loved.

Residents celebrate Fourth

By Justin Reedy

Accident victim's family copes with loss

By Clay Wilson

Struggling to cope with an empty nest complex - Clay Wilson

My editor pointed out to me last week (editors are notorious for this sort of thing) that lately I've written several columns based on news items I had read.

What to do about the school board

By Glenn Dowell

Nuturing a culture of hatred - R.H. Joseph

It was swell when the pope apologized for the hundreds of years of anti-Jewish hatred propagated by the Roman Catholic Church.

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Pets of the Week


Going hog wild over food (Bob Paslay)

A little controversy broke out in the newsroom recently over banana sandwiches. Hey, you fight over what you want to fight over and we'll fight over the little things.

Keep those colors flying the right way

By Trina Trice