Board members seek many answers


Dear Ms. Ware:

This correspondence is to address recent edicts drafted by you and Vice-Chairman Connie Kitchens in regards to a reprimand of Dr. Chavis, punitive action against school employees, communication with school system employees by other Board members, non-support of the resolution to initiate a new superintendent search, SACS compliance and the reputation of the Board. We respectfully submit to you and Mrs. Kitchens the following questions for consideration and response:

1) By what policy and or law that has either been passed by this Board or the Georgia General Assembly do you exercise the right to act individually on behalf of this Board to reprimand Dr. Chavis or any employee?

2) By what policy has this Board passed that Board minutes must be presented to you for review within 32 hours?

3) Although Dr. Chavis by policy serves as the Secretary of the Board, have you since requested to him that Jerry Porter who takes minutes during regular meetings and executive session no longer have those duties as our Board secretary?

4) When you requested Dr. Chavis to be in attendance at every executive session, does that over-ride the times that you have requested that he leave?

5) If you request that you receive your mail in a timely manner, can that also include our notification of called meetings?

6) Will you provide to all Board members the correspondence that you provided to Dr. Chavis without our knowledge but relevant to his duties which we must assess mentioned in your letter dated March 28th and 29th?

7) When you mention that Dr. Chavis' actions are not the first time that an administrative action has occurred without your approval, is this not an admission that you are insinuating yourself into the administrative operations of the school system which is not within your legal, ethical or regulated purview?

8) Are you aware that you are in danger of violating the civil rights of every member of this Board when you order us not to contact any school system employee about "anything" and that it is not within your authority by policy to do so? If you feel that it is please provide that policy.

9) What policy passed and approved by this Board states that communication with the Superintendent "must go through the Chair and Vice-Chair"?

10) Define what you can by "take no punitive action against any school system employee without knowledge and approval of the Board" and therefore does that mean that the firing of Officer Hank Derbyshire, the removal of Board Secretary Sandy Languell and the transfer of Paul Kraack are all null and void as those were punitive actions taken without the approval and knowledge of the Board? If not, then were those punitive actions directed by you and why were they executed without the approval and knowledge of the Board?

11) Although we accept that you and Ms. Kitchens do not support the resolution we submitted in regards to the superintendent search on behalf of our constituents, the NAACP, CCQE, and the overwhelming majority of Clayton County citizens who requested a new search, you remain two members of this Board. Is your lack of support an indication that you refuse to place this on the agenda of the June 10th meeting which we are formally requesting in this letter and by policy notifying you within 3 days of the meeting? Furthermore, have you contacted the SACS committee to determine what they meant by "conduct a national superintendent search" in their recommendations which would assist us in being relieved of probationary status?

12) Since you cancelled the meeting with GSBA, does that mean that you have reneged on the commitment we made to the citizens of this county on record at the Board meeting to seek their assistance with the Superintendent search process on June 2nd?

13) Because by policy you have not been designated as the spokesperson of the Board nor have we voted on any statement to the press as a Board, do you not think it wise that when you appear before the media and make inflammatory statements that reflect negatively on this Board, county and it's citizens that you preface it by saying these are not the opinions of the Board but merely your own?

Since you stated in your letter, "you and Ms. Kitchens welcome all comments and concerns" we are encouraged that a response to our questions will be immediately forthcoming. We look forward to your response.

Linda Crummy, Board Member, District 3

Ericka Davis, Board Member, District 4

Barbara Wells, Board Member, District 5

Dr. Bob Livingston, Board Member, District 6

CC: Clayton County Board Members

Dr. Bill Chavis