Chavis responds to reprimand


Dear Mrs. Ware and Mrs. Kitchens:

This letter is in response to your letter of reprimand. First of all if you feel that a letter of "reprimand" is in order, that is your prerogative, but you must remember that we have not had a conversation regarding CCPS since the night that you told me that "if you don't do what I tell you to do, you will not be Superintendent."

My response to that comment was that "you can take this job and ? and I will be gone tomorrow." I called Bill Horton and told him that I would not return. Jack Warren, Bill Horton and Connie Kitchens called me and asked me to reconsider my decision to leave. I will let it be known that you or Mrs. Kitchens do not control me or any administrator within CCPS. We all have responsibilities to the students, parents, teachers, principals, administrators and the entire community.

This is a fact that you do not seem to comprehend. One would surmise that as an educator you would understand that the education of our children is far more important than any personal vendetta, micro management attempts or blatant disregard for parliamentary procedures. You and Mrs. Kitchens are responsible for understanding school board policy and its implementation.

You have never called this office to discuss the school board minutes, agenda or called meetings. You have always gone around "me" and you have gone directly to the board secretary. The only time I knew of a called meeting was when Mr. Horton placed the notice on my desk. You and the school board secretary develop the agenda. You have constantly neglected requests from other school board members to place items on the agenda, especially from Barbara Wells, Ericka Davis and Bob Livingston.

On several occasions I have personally given you information to be shared with all the school board members (i.e. 6 different organizational charts, the original SACS letter which you refused to read, and other documents from the Georgia Department of Education that required your signature). You gave that material to Mr. Horton to read and later he would explain the documents to you and then you would sign them.

I have made several attempts to call you on your cellular phone and at your home. You stated to Bill Horton and me that you did not know how to use your cellular phone and we volunteered to train you.

Mrs. Ware, you have refused to respond to me or to communicate with me since I told you that I would not be your assassin. I will not be your hit man. I am not your "flunky."

Please be reminded that CCPS is in the midst of a search for Superintendent. I will go on record by saying that any reputable, respected, responsible superintendent would be out of his/her mind to accept a position in Clayton County with you and Mrs. Kitchens in your present positions.

By the way can you legally reprimand the Superintendent? Are you in violation of SACS with this "letter of reprimand?" Are you still attempting to micro-manage the CCPS? Why did you have the decency to speak to me about your concerns on Monday night or Tuesday night? I sat next to you at both meetings. Why did you not give Officer Derbyshire an opportunity to be heard?

Today is Thursday, June 5, 2002, and I just received a notice of a called meeting for June 10, 2003, why was I not informed b y you or the co-chair?

Dr. William R. Chavis