Car crashes into pizza shop

By Ed Brock

There was a loud crash followed by a big surprise for Rocky's Pizza cook Ryan James.

"We just heard a big bang and saw a car parked on the curb," James said.

The car, belonging to 47-year-old James Smedley of Ellenwood, was partially parked inside the building as well.

Smedley, who has a medical condition, was driving on Lake Harbin Road around 5:50 p.m. Monday when he didn't feel well, Clayton County police Officer Earl Hanners said. He then pulled into the parking lot of Lake Harbin Plaza shopping center near Rocky's.

"Next thing you know he was in the building," Hanners said. "According to witnesses he was completely out of it."

The car broke through the wooden wall of the building and into an empty booth. Nobody was injured in the accident, but customers like J. Moore of Morrow were startled.

"We all heard it," Moore said, adding that he thought the table in the booth was attached to the wall and had fallen. "Then I started walking out and saw a car sticking through."

Rocky's co-owner Christian Sacco said he would try to fix the hole in his wall Monday evening.

"I'll get it at least patched up. I have no choice," Sacco said.