Clayton gas station clerk shot in leg

By Ed Brock

Three men tied up a gas station clerk, beat him and shot him in the leg during a robbery.

Around 11:20 p.m. Monday the men came up behind the clerk while he was working in a back storage room at the Mobil gas station on Mt. Zion Road in Stockbridge and forced him to the floor, according to Clayton County police Officer Matthew Whitton.

The men had disconnected the power to the building in order to shut down the surveillance video. They tied the clerk with plastic ties and asked him for the combination to the safe.

When the clerk said he didn't know the combination the men began kicking him and then one of them shot him in the back of his left, upper leg. They then took the clerk's wallet containing $100 and about $2,000 from the cash register before leaving the station.

The video system did film the men, including a fourth man, entering the gas station but the power was cut before the incident. Three of the suspects were described as slim, black males, two wearing ball caps and one a hooded jacket. The fourth suspect was "an extremely heavyset black male" wearing a white bandana around his face.

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