MACE statement on schools


Dr. John Trotter, the Executive Director of the Metro Association of Classroom Educators (MACE), announced today that Clayton County School Board Chairperson and Vice Chairperson, Nedra Ware and Connie Kitchens, need to at least step down from their leadership roles on the Clayton County Board of Education n and perhaps should step down from the school board itself. "Ms. Ware and Mrs. Kitchens are classic examples of people nutting up with the delusion of self-aggrandizement and power," Dr. Trotter recently stated. "I've seen it happen so many times, especially when teachers become administrators," Dr. Trotter observed, "but this time, it is so serious that the future of our students, our teachers, our businesses, and our community are at stake."

Dr. Trotter states that MACE contends that whoever is advising these women are not only doing them a great disservice n but also are doing the entire school system a great disservice. Dr. Trotter, who at one time was associated with Ware and Kitchens, observed: "From the time that they got into power in January, I kept telling them that they were making grave mistakes but they turned a deaf ear. Finally in March I cut off all communications with Ware, Kitchens, and their fellow board members Carol Kellam. I had hoped that LaToya Walker, like school board member Linda Crummy, would realize that the actions of Ware, Kitchens, and Kellam were dangerous. But, at the present time, it appears that Mr. Walker is still aligned with Ware, Kitchens, and Kellam. That's too bad, especially for the children n but also for her."

Dr. Trotter stated that a lot hinges on the open school board seat which will be filled in a special election in September of this year. If the team of Ware, Kitchens, Kellam, and Walker manages to win that seat, then they will install their lap dog, Lonnie Edwards, as the new superintendent. He contends that Ware and Kitchens are not the only ones guilty of helping to destroy the Clayton County School System. Dr. Trotter says that all those who enable their aberrant political behavior n whether it is Kellam or Walker or their "wrong-headed advisors" n are just as guilty as Ware and Kitchens.

Ms. Ware and Mrs. Kitchens, along with Harry Ross, their apparent spokesman, are refusing to respond appropriately to SAC's recommendations. Instead, they are furiously playing the race card from the bottom of the deck. The meltdown on the Clayton County Board of Education has nothing to do with race. The issue is about ego and power and "how the blatant abuse of power" (to borrow SAC's phrase) can detrimentally affect the school system's accreditation and the students' eligibility for the Hope Scholarship. Unlike Ms. Ware and Mrs. Kitchens, these students may not "have the rest of their lives to get over it."