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Don't know whatcha got til it's gone - Justin Reedy

I know this is going to sound stupid, but why is it the air conditioning always breaks down in the summertime?

NASCAR traditions crumble

By Herb Emory

Georgia gets low marks in reading

By Trina Trice


June 21, 2003

Struggling to cope with an empty nest complex - Clay Wilson

My editor pointed out to me last week (editors are notorious for this sort of thing) that lately I've written several columns based on news items I had read.

It's a new age for golden-agers

By Diane Wagner

CCSU is the place for basketball junkies to meet

By Jeffery Armstrong

?Spam' frustrates computer users

By Clay Wilson

Immigration issues need examining - Ed Brock

I was in a bar the other day when I heard these two guys talkin' in Japanese.

Americans love their God-forsaken cars - Trina Trice

It makes sense that the people who live in this country are madly in love, if not obsessed, with the very thing that makes us both innocent Americans and the devil incarnate in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Local events lead up to release of Potter book

By Justin Reedy

A relativistic conservative morality - R.H. Joseph

If, as it now appears, America invaded Iraq under false pretenses then how do we justify our continued pursuit of Saddam Hussein?

Quality filmmaking for those who look for it - R.H. Joseph

A lacework tale woven of gossamer and grace, "Man on the Train" finds repose in life's ephemera: the mutual respect of the fearless; a lover's constancy and casual familiarity. The more attuned you are to such intangibles the more enriching your experience of this wonderful film.

Boffo Bard's both bawdy and boisterous - R.H. Joseph

Most agree William Shakespeare was brilliant. Unfortunately this can be the playwright's undoing.

Women: Still hazy after all these years - Diane Wagner

Why do Wolverine and Cyclops get their own Dr. Pepper cans while Storm and Rogue have to share one?

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Life's little answers are elusive - Bob Paslay

I remember as a kid that you could go into a shoe store and have fun sticking your feet in an X-ray machine to laugh with friends and look at the bones in your feet. One friend got addicted to it and did it a lot. Now the X-ray technicians wear protective gear because we have learned that there is nothing funny about the power of X-rays.

Maughan wins race with borrowed motor

By Jeffery Armstrong

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Potter mania grips Southern Crescent

By Justin Reedy