Ally is a 5-year-old, gray and white American pit bull terrier. She has been spayed and all vaccinations are current. Ally is blind in her left eye, due to an old, untreated injury. She was rescued from Animal Control about four years ago, and has been at the Clayton County Humane Society since that time. At the time of her rescue, Ally was dying of disease and malnutrition. Because of her condition, she was scheduled for immediate gassing. The Humane Society staff decided Ally needed a chance at a good life, and removed her immediately. After a great deal of medical treatment and lots of love and patience, Ally is now a shining example of good health. Emotionally, Ally still suffers from her previous mistreatment. She loves the Humane Society staff, but remains frightened and cautious of strangers. She has a great capacity for affection, but she requires time and patience to get to that point of trust. Ally needs to be in an "adult-only" home, and will also need to be the only pet in the home. Due to her breed, extreme caution and care will be taken in choosing a new home for Ally.

Dylan, left, is a 2-month-old, cream and white domestic shorthair. His sister, Baez, is a gray and black tabby. From the same litter (not shown here) also available for adoption are Little Orphan Annie (a female calico), Batman (a solid black male) and Fergie (a gray and white female). These five kittens were left in a box, in the sweltering heat, at the age of 2 weeks old. A sixth kitten did not survive the ordeal. Because they were left without a mother, these kittens had to be bottle-fed for weeks. They were also treated for flea infestation and a dangerous intestinal parasite. All surviving kittens are now healthy and thriving. Due to a lack of shelter space, the kittens are living in a foster home, and adoptions will be done from that location. Due to their age, vaccinations will be ongoing for several more weeks, and sterilization will be scheduled for a future date. For information on these kittens, call Robin at (770) 478-7531.