News for Saturday, June 7, 2003


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Reminding us what superlatives are for - R.H. Joseph

How shall I praise "Finding Nemo?"

Rum-filled days and memories

By Ed Brock

Genealogists on the trail of hidden cemeteries

By Diane Wagner

What good is the sizzle without the steak? - R.H. Joseph

For some (particularly American?) reason much has been made of the fact that F. Gary Gray, a known African American, has directed a caper flick, "The Italian Job," primarily starring white people.


June 7, 2003

Clayton State finishes fifth in Commissioner's Cup

From staff reports

Every little thing is gonna be all right

By Justin Reedy

Troops face danger

By Clay Wilson

Congratulations to the graduates

By April Avison

You'll never take me alive, copper

By R.H. Joseph

Center to open to community

By Justin Reedy

Gibbons to enter family business

By Doug Gorman

Union Grove hopes to repeat 2002 success

By Anthony Rhoads

Blame it on women who wear pants

By Clay Wilson

?Good terrorism' targets things, not people

By Trina Trice

Hum gas guzzling monsters

By Diane Wagner

Building blocks are essential

By Bob Paslay

Chavis responds to reprimand


Firefighters kept at bay while church burns

By Ed Brock

Board members seek many answers


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Weapons bill signed by governor

By Justin Reedy