Police seeking help to identify man, woman

By Ed Brock

One is a woman and the victim of a stabbing after which her body was burned, the other a man who apparently received some kind of medical attention before he died of unknown causes.

And the Clayton County Police Department would like to know who they are.

A Georgia Bureau of Investigation forensic artist has reconstructed the facial features of the male and female bodies that were found last year and investigators are circulating flyers with pictures of the reconstructions in the hopes that will stir up some new leads.

"Someone is missing this young lady, someone is missing this young man," Clayton County police Maj. Joe Reynolds said.

The reconstructed skull of the male body includes the man's real hair that was still attached to the skeletal remains when they were found on April 6, 2002 in a marshy area near the Flint River where it flows past Ga. Highway 138. An autopsy was not able to determine the cause of the man's death, but it did show that he was black or Hispanic with a light complexion standing approximately 6-foot 2-inches or 6-foot 4-inches.

Reynolds said the man might have been hospitalized shortly before his death.

"They discovered a medical bracelet that was faded out from the sun," Reynolds said.

On June 23, 2002 two women walking near the dead end of Garden Springs Drive in College Park discovered what they thought was burning rubbish. One of the women investigated more closely and saw that it was actually a woman's body on fire.

The fact that the body was burned made it more difficult to reconstruct her appearance accurately. The hairstyle on the reconstruction particularly could be completely different.

She was approximately 5-foot 10-inches tall, weighed about 120 to 130 pounds and had fingernails that were between 1 to 1 1/2 inches long.

So far there have only been two phone calls on the bodies but no real information.

Finding out what happened to the two people is a matter of tracing back through the last hours and days of their lives, Reynolds said.

"That's very hard to do without the identity of the victim," Reynolds said.

Anyone with information on the identity of either person should call Detectives Shon Hill or Mike Harris at (770) 477-3605.