Hitting the local music scene

By Trina Trice

On Friday, local meteorologists predicted that Friday night would be drenched in rain.

Thus, would begin an adventure into the bowels of an outdoor music festival that I dreaded, yet was intent on attending.

When I say I don't like outdoor music festivals, I'm not saying it to be cool or alternative. I hate them for very valid reasons.

For instance, at most music festivals, there's a battle of odors that compete for your nose's attention. It's usually the worst, vomit-inducing smells that win.

Music festivals are normally held in the late spring or summer time when the weather promises to be more stable and pleasant.

But what most people forget about the South is that the weather is usually hot in late spring and summer. I can count on my hand the number of stable and pleasant weather days we have had so far.

It's either too hot, too humid, too rainy, too icy, too cold, too much pollen ? you know what I mean.

Nonetheless, people looking to make some major moola under the guise of "We want to give Atlanta a good time!" persist with putting on events that cause traffic nightmares downtown, which is where I live.

The music festival I speak of is Music Midtown, which is in its 10th year. During the three-day event's first few years, it actually took place in midtown Atlanta around 10th and Peachtree streets.

A new federal building is there, now, forcing the Music Midtown organizers to find another spot.

The event is near and around the Atlanta Civic Center and SciTrek on Piedmont Avenue.

I went last year for the last day when favorite acts No Doubt, Rick James and many others performed.

I walked around in the mud to get from one stage to another. It was muddy because it rained the day before the festival started, kind of like this year.

As I walked around, sweating (I hate sweating), dodging drunk people and getting knocked around by teenagers showing off in front of each other by being rude and acting like they couldn't give a flying flip about anyone (Those dang youngins!), I kept asking myself why am I here? Why?

I blame it on No Doubt who put on a really good show. I was about two or three miles from the stage, but they were good, nonetheless. Lead singer Gwen Stefani looked like a blond-headed flea, but she was great. I couldn't make out what the drummer had on or didn't (Sometimes he plays the drums naked), but I'm not bitter. I forgave the thousands of people who were in my way.

This year, though, I'm taking a different approach to Music Midtown. I made an effort to see bands I've never heard of and older acts I'd normally consider too boring to watch.

I also wore sensible shoes. Last year I wore platform sandals. Darn, I'm getting old?

I'll let you know how it goes.

Trina Trice is the education reporter for the News Daily. Comments should be sent to ttrice@news-daily.com.