Sanders takes win at Senoia

From Staff Reports

In the Allen Vigil Ford Super 10,100 lap Late Model Feature, veteran driver Ronnie Sanders took over the lead from pole setter Warren Mobley on lap 10 and never looked back.

During the first few laps of the event, it appeared that Mobley had the car beat, as he commanded the top spot lap-after-lap.

However on lap 10, Sanders blasted into turn one taking the low grove while Mobley occupied the center racing grove.

As the two veterans charged out of turn two as they approached a lap car, Sanders accelerated past Mobley while avoiding contact with the lap car.

While Sanders occupied the lead position, other drivers battled for position throughout the field. Rusty Clanton and Wayne Hansard, along with Ronny Kittle and Mobley contested the top five positions. On lap 15, contact was made between Mobley, Kittle and Clanton in turn one which resulted in Clanton having to withdraw from the event due to the damage to his machine.

When racing resumed, Sanders continued to lead the event.

An alarming incident occurred on lap 41 when Mobley was involved in another incident in turn one which resulted in his machine catching fire.

The fire was quickly extinguished by speedway officials, while Mobley was uninjured in the incident.

At the half-way mark, Sanders was still in the lead, he was followed by: Steve Crane, Wayne Hansard, and Ronny Kittle. As the final half of the event wound down, Kittle continued to battle his way up through the field, and by lap 65, occupied the second place position. Sanders would continue to occupy the top spot, and took the checkered flag, followed by, Kittle, Crane, Mike Hillman and Hansard.

In the Aaron's Rental Pro Challenge 20 lap event, Terry Mathis emerged as the eventual winner following a challenge from Cameron Michael and Stephen Curlee.

In the OPTECT Bandolero 15 lap event, Trey Maughan took top honors while battling Kyle Mitchell, Marcia Bristol, and Jonathan Chandler for the top spot.

In the Legends Semi Pro 20 lap event, Bubba Harry once again claimed the checkered flag, followed by: Trent Mayo, Adam Quattlebaum, and Aaron Brooks.

In the Legends Pro / Masters 25 lap event, Doug Ludwig took over the top spot early in the event, and was challenged by Cindy Anderson, Nick Hill and Andy James. As competitors battled for position, James took over the second place position on lap 5 and began to chase Ludwig down.

As the final lap of the event were recorded, James continued to catch Ludwig as they entered the corners, however, Ludwig was relentless and held on to the lead position, Ludwig was followed by: James, Hill, Anderson and Tony Yawn, Jr.

In the Sportsman 50 lap special feature, Andy Cash fought off his fellow competitors attempts to take the lead by maintaining his usual smooth and consistent driving style lap-after-lap to take the top honors. Cash was followed by: Norman Layton, Rod Williford, Sammy Nelson and Trey White.

Mike Chambers took the honors in the Modified Mini Stock event, followed by Dan Oxenford and Chuck Oxenford.

OPTECH Bandolero 15 Lap Feature:

1. Trey Maughan

2. Kyle Mitchell

3. Marcia Bristol

4. Jonathan Chandler

5. Jody Pilkenton

Legends Semi Pro 20 Lap Feature:

1. Bubba Harry

2. Trent Mayo

3. Adam Quattlebaum

4. Aaron Brooks

5. Doc Lee

Legends Pro / Masters 25 Lap Feature:

1. Doug Ludwig

2. Andy James

3. Nick Hill

4. Cindy Anderson

5. Tony Yawn, Jr.

Sportsman 50 Lap Special Feature:

1. Andy Cash

2. Norman Layton

3. Rod Williford

4. Sammy Nelson

5. Trey White

Modified Mini Stock 15 Lap Feature:

1. Mike Chambers

2. Dan Oxenford

3. Chuck Oxenford